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MESS Apparel

MESS is a Polish clothing brand, established with the intention to create simple, minimalistic patterns with the use of high quality fabrics. Thanks to simple patterns and uniform colours, our clothes are versatile and can be combined following capsule wardrobe principles. We design classic and timeless shape and respect minimalism, balanced by the ambition to do what speaks to us. At the very beginning of our adventure with MESS we already knew that we wanted our products to be fully responsible and fair. We do not want to owe anything to our planet, so we try to give more than we take following the principle that many small steps make a big difference. For this reason, all our clothes are designed and sewn in Poland. We use small local sewing facilities with great creative potential and quality being their priority rather than quantity. We refer to solutions which minimize the impact on natural environment, e.g. our labels are performed from the yarn obtained from recycled PET bottles. MESS also represents a responsible delivery system.