Second-hand Vintage

Entirely within the concept of sustainability, we offer high-quality "second-hand" clothing. Because, quite honestly, how many perfectly usable, sometimes still brand new clothes are thrown away today? Second-hand/vintage shopping is our passion and our hobby, and that is how this concept was born. Many people want to take the step, but are reluctant to start searching for that one beautiful piece among the multitude of offerings and give up right at the start. You also hear others complain that it "smells so musty", which is indeed a pity. 

Lack of time to search in a huge number of racks is also a common problem...  Hence our solution and concept... Our second-hand clothes are:

  • * carefully selected for you 
  • * In good to perfect condition
  • * (Usually) more expensive brands
  • * Always freshly laundered for you
  • * Neatly presented and described
  • * For an attractive price